Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Indians 22. Yankees 0.

Last night's Yankees game was like watching "Vanilla Sky." Did that really happen? Did Javier Vazquez not make it out of the second? Did Omar Vizquel get 6 hits? Is C.J Nitkowski really on the Yankees? Did Peter Gammons tell a national TV audience that he'd have trouble sleeping because he was so excited to read the Post and Daily News? (Yes on all accounts). Wow, just a great game to watch. Add that to a 10-7 Sox victory and it's a race people. Yup, the same division that all the second-class sportscaster wannabees on ESPNEWS were all condesending about not too long ago has officially become a race. Yay.

Around the Majors...

Rick Ankiel is back! So if you're going to a Cardinals game and plan on sitting behind home plate, be sure to bring a really big glove.

Ichiro is 49 hits away from the single-season record. That's 1.5 hits per game the rest of the way. And unlike Griffey taking 6-8 weeks to hit his 500th homer due to "media pressure," Ichiro doesn't speak English, making that problem moot.


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