Thursday, August 19, 2004

Victor Zambrano on the DL. The idiocy of the Mets? Not on the DL.

It's pretty hard for me to feel sorry for Mets fans what with that whole 1986 thing, but is there a worse run franchise in sports? Obviously the Clippers and San Diego Chargers and probably some pro soccer team are run badly, but the Mets operate in the same city as the Yankees, can pay an astronomical sum for players, and keep screwing up. Case in point - this trade deadline. It's hard to believe that 19 days ago, the Mets thought it would be a good idea to pick up two mediocre pitchers in Kris Benson and Victor Zambrano for a pile of prospects and the vastly overrated Ty Wigginton.

Now the Mets have NO shot at the postseason, Benson has had two uber-crap starts and one good start, and now Victor Zambrano is on the DL. At least he can't walk anyone there.

Oh, and rumor has it the super kid they traded for him will be in the big leagues with Tampa next week. And if Scott Kazmir does indeed come up next week, the Devil Rays will have as many teenagers on their roster as the Olson twins' parents.

And the Mets? Um, at least Mike Cameron is playing WAY above expectation. And Tom Glavine hasn't been in a cab accident since last week! Let's Go Mets!


Blogger MetsNo1Fan said...

For those who don't know the Mets very well, as I'm sure you don't, the Scott Kazmir trade for Victor Zambrano was a blessing in disguise. If the Mets hold onto Kazmir, the Mets aren't the team they are today. Think about it, Pedro doesn't sign, Beltran doesn't sign, the Delgado trade doesn't happen, the Mets would still be in the rebuilding process. The Kazmir trade was the end of Steve Philips, in comes Omar Minaya and look at the Mets now. They're 12 games up in the division, the Atlanta Braves are nowhere to be seen and on top of it all, they're the best team in the NL. Take care.

August 6, 2006 at 7:13 PM  

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