Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The more you ignore them, the closer they get

I like to think that I'm the only person in America who woke up this morning with the following two thoughts:

1. It's good to know that both the Yankees AND A's gave up on Ted Lilly, the only AL pitcher not named Tim Hudson who can consistently make the Red Sox look foolish.

2. I am very excited to purchase the new Butch Walker album during lunch.

But back to these Red Sox. 6.5 back is rather impressive considering how lost they looked just a few weeks back. The NY press was writing them off and preparing for a cakewalk to the AL East title. And sure that may happen, but at least it's interesting. And every single Yankee is injured and/or slumping.

And speaking of steriods - odd that the only members of the Yankees who caught the dreaded "parasite" this season (Giambi, Sheffield, K. Brown), are the ones who's names are caught up in pill talk, no? And though most of the league seems pretty clean this year (check out the non-muscles on Bret Boone and Ryan Klesko, when you get the chance), with nobody putting up eye-popping, anti-career trend numbers, there is one guy who bucks the trend. And Tijuana is just a short drive from L.A.

Taco Beltre, did you make a run for the border this spring?


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